I thought I would add some longevity to these videos by uploading them here because I found them on Jewtube and if there is one thing I know about Jewtube is that they love to remove “hateful content”. The William Luther Pierce video is 25 minutes in length and like most of the videos, he outlines the powers that be and the situation we find ourselves today whilst contrasting it with things as they were in the past. You could accuse William of being Nostalgic or ignorant of the reality of things in the 19th century but although we may not have had the material progress in technology, agriculture and media we had things which are crucial to the development of our species and our race in particular. We had a solid, patriarchal family structure, more leisure time, no pornography, no fast food, no confusion of identity or self-hatred of ourselves and our ancestors. What we have lost is truly saddening but we must move onward and upward in our struggle to exist and survive in a world which has become increasingly more hostile to everything considered “white and masculine”. Not only must we reclaim what was once ours and take back control of our institutions we must also forge a new path, a better path purged of the weakness that once was and led to European catastrophes like the French and Russian Revolutions.

Returning back to our old systems of government such as monarchy, feudalism and imperialism may seem impossible or even worthwhile but the current party-politics system is a murrain and cancer. Democratic and republican societies are ineffectual and weak, vulnerable to any form of subversion (more so than the old systems which have their issues also – note the court Jews and Merchants). The current system of governance has reached a point of obsolescence and will break down as all machinery does in due time when the rust and muck clog up its gears and ceases to function as it should do. We see now the hiccups of a dying system, we see recessions (e.g. the Lehman Brothers Crash), we see civil unrest (the inauguration protests and pussy marches). We see it all in its immane and grotesque form, displayed in front of us like the unveiling of a pig as the bride. The mechanism has failed, people are going to start panicking and flail their arms about, but we must be like Nero strumming our Lyres as the corrupt and maligned system burns to cinder and ash in the comfort of our communities which we have created together living a happy and peaceful existence as life should be. And from the ashes, we shall build a new world, a white world, a white solar system and a white galaxy and all those who fall out of line will boil alone in the Jewish excrement of liberalism, capitalism and communism. One large pit for the fart-huffing cosmopolitans to rest their heads.

[Note: Lost the videos when the video server failed]

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