The Truth, The Light

Do we fear it?
Do we champion it?
Do we merely chase it?

Upon us, it shows the finest of us, the preeminent supremacy of our nature,
then why must some hide from its reverence?


Does the Sun shine upon you?

Do you wish it to be?

Will you take task?

Or only covet it?

Those we would love
we would shine upon them,
revealing marks it may,
much are seldom seen by the mindless.

Marks wrought to the self by truant behaviour; decadence; disgrace, what else?

Despise weakness we must.

Detest it in ourselves.

Abhor it in others.

Our people descended from the heavens by the green vine of Bacchus,
afraid of the light it is,
fastening and constricting it is, keeping us far from home.

Will it continue to be against our will?

Stars of the sky we are,
stones of Earth we are not.

We shall no longer fall to blandishment and surreptitiousness.

Crops grow only when exposed to the Sun.

Trees are tall, cosmos are in balance and vines are to be made wary by the ever-gleaming presence of Apollo.

Come what may, for that is what we are.

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