I recently saw a twitter thread where a user going by the name @cursedsalad exposed the degeneracy of the Cinema after six Jewish immigrants created six of the largest Hollywood movie studios. I am going to publish the entire thread so as to save it for the viewing of others in posterity. Note: I will probably edit some of the Language because I have the freedom to say what everyone wants to say because we can’t get banned on here for hate speech whereas you can on Twitter.

This is a scene from the US version of the episodic TV series called “Shameless.” This particular scene depicts two children in the presence of a naked, obese man getting out of a swimming pool.

Degenerate Exhibit A 

Here is a continuation of the same scene from Shameless, depicting a young girl observing a man drying off his genitals.

Degenerate Exhibit B
Normalisation of nudity in front of children

Shameless follows the story of a predominantly poor white family in Chicago and is rife with themes like incest, self-fellatio, promiscuity, homosexuality, miscegenation, religious sacrilege, recreational drug use, & sodomy. Unfortunately, many of these themes involve children.

Mixed Race child, Gay Porno Mags, Alcohol, Smoking. Very Wholesome.
Another example of the Revolt against the natural world.

Many would consider the show morally bankrupt, using ribald humour as a tool to normalize degeneracy. For example, this scene depicts an elderly woman reminiscing with her pre-teen niece about the first time she “kissed a coloured penis.”

Gas the Boomers

Now in it is the 8th season, Shameless was adapted from the original UK series by Hollywood producer John Wells. Wells is known for producing tv series such as ER, Third Watch, and West Wing, among others.

His parents were Episcopalian. Explains a lot. Most Liberal Protestants to exist. 
 You don’t say…

So how does our society come to accept such a morally depraved TV series like Shameless? And why have Hollywood executives seemingly abandoned morality? What are the cultural implications of their actions? Let us consider…

95% of Google Users are Degenerates

It all started in the mid-1920s when six Jewish immigrants created six major Hollywood movie studios (Fox, Paramount, Warner Bros, MGM, Columbia, & Universal).

These six Jews would be credited with the creation of Hollywood as we know it (((Harry Warner))) (Warner Bros) (((Samuel Goldwyn))) (MGM) (((Carl Laemmle))) (Universal Pictures) (((Louie B. Meyer))) (MGM) (((Adolph Zukor))) (Paramount Pictures) (((William Fox))) (20th Century Fox) (((Harry Cohn))) (Columbia Pictures)

A very (((Diverse))) crowd.

Concerned about the cultural influence these Jewish studio executives would have on America, the President of the Motion Picture Producers & Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, would attempt to curb the degenerate content by introducing the “Hays Code” in 1930.

The Obscenity laws of America also prevented such degeneracy from being aired everywhere.

The Hays Code forbid movie producers from portraying any of the following in a positive manner:
1. Underage sex
2. Sedition
3. Destruction of the flag
4. Sexual affairs & perversion
5. Ridicule of religion
6. Drug trafficking
7. Miscegenation
A violation would result in a cinema ban

Articles of the Hays Code
Sounds reasonable to me.

Although the Hays Code was introduced in 1930, it wouldn’t be until 1934 that it was officially enforced. This 4-year period is referred to as “pre-code Hollywood,” during which the major Hollywood executives exercised little moral restraint, producing numerous lewd films. One such lewd film was called “Baby Face” (1933). The film depicted a young woman being pimped by her father, who eventually moved to New York City and solicited sex to advance her career. This film was produced by the Jewish founder of Warner Bros, Jack Warner.

“The Jewish Youth Lies in Wait for Hours on End” – AH

From 1934 until 1954, the Hays Code was enforced in Hollywood. However, this didn’t stop several Hollywood directors from violating the boundaries of the moralistic code despite the risk of the putative cinema ban for any movie not in compliance. One such director was Austro-Hungarian Jew, (((Otto Preminger))). From the 1940s to the 1960s, his films featured themes like rape, homosexuality, & drug addiction – all taboo to the average American family of the 1940s. The Catholic League of Decency protested Otto to no avail.

What a disgusting Hook-Nosed Faggot.

Incidentally, (((Otto Preminger))) cast actress Tallulah Bankhead in one of his films because her father was the Speaker of the House of Reps. Otto needed help circumventing quota restrictions to bring his family to the US when the Nazis started mobilizing in Europe. But I digress…

Otto Preminger Stretching his sweaty hands around Tallulah Bankhead

While the Hays Code protected against immorality, it did nothing to curb the rise of Communism in Hollywood’s highest ranks. So in 1947, the House of Representatives blacklisted ten of Hollywood’s notable creators for conspiring to spread Communism. Six of the 10 were Jews.

This should have been the end of it.

The four goyim on the Hollywood 10 list were Jew sycophants. For example, Ring Lardner Jr. had a Jewish wife and was influenced by her Communist beliefs. Larder was also referred to as “goy” by his Jewish boss and studio head, Sam (((Goldwyn))).

“Stupid Goy, they will know it is a kike lie if you write it like that!”

Unironically, another “goy” on the list, Edward Dmytryk, would come to testify against Hollywood’s Communist Jews in front of the House Un-American Committee (HUAC) about the Commie’s real plan to influence American families.

By the late 1960s, the Motion Picture Rating System replaced the Hays Code and the immorality that was once forbidden soon became standard practice. Meanwhile, television sets started penetrating American households, giving Hollywood studios more options for content.

Perfect timing for them to poison the people’s minds in preparation for the 1965 immigration act.

Shows from the 1950s like “Leave It to Beaver” would eventually give way to a new form of entertainment in the ’60s and ’70s, replete with sociopolitical themes.

The first shows to depict social issues like infidelity, women’s liberation, abortion, impotence, homosexuality, & racism were All In the Family (1971) and Maude (1972), both created by (((Norman Lear))), and would have a huge influence on America’s perception of these issues

Why do they all look like demons?

This trend would continue unchallenged into the late ’80s and early ’90s until Illinois Republican Congressman Henry Hyde declared it a “Kulturkampf” (Culture Struggle) and Dan Quayle spoke out against the show Murphy Brown for portraying single motherhood in a positive light.

Smile for the Camera Degenerates

Religious groups like Christian Leaders for Responsible Television also got involved in the activism against this these entertainment moguls, as did Mitt Romney’s wife’s sister, Terry Rakolta, who was appalled by an episode of “Married With Children” depicting homosexuality.

Doped up son, Retarded dad, Whore Mother, Rebellious Daughter and a faggot looking dog to put the cherry on top. It almost catalogues the decline of the family from a functional family to a dysfunctional one to a single mother household. Where did it go wrong? Just look at the media the Jews created over the span of 80 years. Kulturkampf! 

At the same time, (((Norman Lear))), the Jewish creator of All In the Family and Maude, publicly stated, “we are in the midst of a culture war.” But Norman has been fighting the culture war since 1981 when he established People For the American Way – his liberal activist group.

By the way, the religious activist group Christian Leaders for Responsible Television no longer exists and Republicans have long since abandoned the Kukturkampf. But (((Norman Lear)))’s People For the American Way is still going strong. Mainstream media will tell you the Kulturkampf of the early ’90s was between Conservatives and “Hollywood,” but we know who the Conservatives were really fighting…

So what? Well how about the fact you are deadly toxin to all societies even without cultural dominance?

During the Kulturkampf in the early ’90s, the University of Texas polled the opinion leaders of Hollywood and 97% of the sample said “it’s all right for blacks and whites to date each other” compared to 53% for America as a whole. In 1958, only 4% of Americans thought it was okay (now 87%)

How much impact would this type of entertainment have on American attitudes and culture? Immense. In fact, Joe Biden cited the show “Will & Grace” as the prime factor for making America comfortable with homosexuality.

This coming from the guy who gropes children in front of cameras…

There’s more evidence: in Brazil, the fertility rate shrank from 6 kids to 2 between 1960 & 2000. The cause? Novelas (Soap operas). Novelas depict small families & the Brazilian population emulated it. Novela character names would also become the most popular names in Brazil. In this thread you’ve seen themes about Jews in Hollywood, Communism in Hollywood, and the normalization of ideologies that were once taboo in America (erosion of the family unit, glorification of drug use, sexual deviance, etc). When you connect all of these dots, you get… 

Communism. Here is an excerpt from Jewish revolutionary (((Karl Marx)))’s Communist Manifesto:

But normal people will say, “nobody in Hollywood is pushing Communism, they’re just advocating for SOCIAL JUSTICE!” To these people, I offer this:

So now, with practically no independent oversight outside of basic profanity & obscenity restrictions from the FCC, Hollywood is free to inject sociopolitical themes into everything from porn to children’s cartoons. Communism, (((Marxism))), you name it.

The only filter between Hollywood filth merchants & Americans is a little department of studio employees called “Standards & Practices.” Every major studio has a Standards & Practices dept. Who works in these departments? I’ll let the “Shameless” producer John Wells answer:

Unfortunately, the Standards & Practices department that reviewed “Shameless” let a lot of things slip like incest, sodomy, self-fellatio, and this clear mockery of Christianity as the character removes a car cover emblazoned with the image of Jesus Christ to reveal porn:

Babies in Prams?
Disgusting. Although the babies probably only want to be fed when they see something like this.

The fact is, Standards & Practices is a sham. As John Wells mentions in this interview, studios and networks will push the boundaries as far as they can. They only relent if advertisers pull their money. Thus, advertisers are the only anchor we have to morality!

Still not convinced there is a Communist agenda? Here is a scene from “Shameless” where the characters romanticize about (((Theodor Adorno))), leading Jewish, neo-Marxist philosopher ((((Marx))) being the father of Communism).

And now we’ve almost come full circle. We’ve explored the Jewish influence of the original Jewish founders if Hollywood, (((Otto Preminger))), (((Norman Lear))), and the group of Hollywood Jews and their co-ideologues that were blacklisted for injecting Communism into entertainment. The last thing to explore is the producer of “Shameless” – a show advancing the erosion of American cultural norms. Who is John Wells? According to Wikipedia, he is the son of an Episcopalian minister and his mother’s maiden name is “Risberg,” a Swedish surname.


Did you really think John Wells, the promulgator of such degeneracy as “Shameless” would turn out to be a goy? Nope. He is Jewish and so is the show’s main writer, Etan (((Frankel))). Every. Single. Time. End!

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