I found this video a while back on 8chan. It seems like it came from one of the many censored YouTube Channels from the last 6-8 years on JewTube. To give it some life I have chosen to include it on my blog because it illustrates the spirit of our struggle against our enemies. The video uses a rare speech by Adolf Hitler which he orated on the 30th of January 1942. It seemed very likely to Hitler that he would win against the communists in Soviet Russia and the Allies in western Europe. Something happened 4 days before though. On the 26th of January the Americans had just landed in Northern Ireland to bolster the forces of the Allies. The balance of powers shifted and with the entrance of the Americans into the great European war it seemed more and more unlikely that Hitler would crush his enemies and secure the safety and prosperity of the fatherland.

In memory, we can only look back with shame, not that we enslaved Africans or dominated Asia, but that we unified ourselves against our brothers in central Europe who fought the hardest of battles against the Caliphates, Ottoman Turks, the hordes of Genghis Khan and the like. Our shame should turn into anger though as it was not our doing, we were deceived, fed the wrong kind of propaganda, like a poison, which we greedily gobbled up with great fervour. This anger should turn to action and this action should turn our nations into what they were meant to be and become. To fulfil the destiny which is ours and not that of a parasitic race of Levantines, greedy traitors or misguided idealist so enamoured by the lies of “progress” and “equality”.

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