In our established understanding of phycology and sociology, there exists a manifold of different personality types, in fact, there are so many that I cannot practically list them all here. One being INTJ, meaning: Introverted, Intuition, Thinking and Judgement.

There are even different variations of each individual personality type such as INTJ-T, the T representing turbulence as opposed to the trait of assertiveness. Some well-regarded individuals that sported the INTJ personality type include Augustus, the Roman statesman, C.S. Lewis, the writer and theologian, Isaac Newton and Jane Austin, to name a few.

Whether one is Extroverted or Introverted, a Thinker or a Feeler, a Judger as opposed to a Perceiver, if one tries hard enough and thus through the means of a permanence of struggle, hardship and all of the other inevitable but worthy toils that life carries, one will find their rightful place within this world and bring manifest to their true gift, true passion and standing.

And If ones true standing exists as a primordial truth, then the apotheosis is anointed too, once the seeker gains acquisition to the former, god willing.

I would imagine that many of us here on the nationalist spectrum are either INTJs or ENTJs. (a modest difference really, being introverted or extroverted)

Adolf Hitler was an INFJ

  • The Introversion could be easily seen by observing his personal life, habits and the separation of his lover and family life from his work, and struggle for the fatherland.
  • The factor of intuition could explain his understanding of the deep essential longing for ones right to obtain his identity, his relentless need to preserve it, even if the individual does not have the capacity to understand why.
  • The feeling aspect could be attributed to his passion for artwork, and his deep romantic affinity with the mysticism and beauty of traditional European architecture, landscapes and nature likewise.

And of course the aspect of Judgement can be understood by observing how he structured his country whilst in power as chancellor of the German Reich, ruthless at times, but often for what he and many perceived as “mehr gut” the greater good, for the German volk and Lebensraum.

Every individual has differences in their personality and because of this, we have a myriad of soldiers, accountants, electricians, teachers, authors, plumbers, labourers, musicians, architects and pilots even.

All exceeding at their own little niche, contributing what tremendous and useful input they can to society and the nation.

Just how in venerable vedic societies with the four varnas, the vaisya class (meaning herders, merchants and farmers) are vastly different to the kshatriyas and Brahmins, the warriors and the priests.

And, Just as cattle are dehorned and debudded by their stockmen, we are to be stripped of our means to comprehend and envisage convictions of our own, all for the sake of not daring to break a social taboo or wrong-think.

Dare an extrovert sing the song of his people with pride, for the enemy shall sever the tongue like an inquisitor to the blasphemer.

Dare the introvert to express his thoughts through a ballad on the lyre, for the enemy shall sever the strings with such a swift stalwart strike, Achilles heel could know no parallel.

And dare us, white man steadfast, determine our own destiny, for the enemy has envisioned such a baseless continuation for us to fester, that even the most sombre and tumultuous stages of the Kali Yuga could not suffice as corresponding adversity.

Like a wolf in sheeps clothing many of us must live two lives, bearing the vast toils that life brings and devising every move spent, every word spoken, for it only takes one slip of the tongue to ignite the immeasurable pyre, with every last timber built as a measure against us, yet we stand, and stroll through the vast lapses of radiated blazing flames.

And may we continue to remain unburnt and unspoiled, keeping pellucid minds and pure hearts.

Like our forefathers stood before us on the lofty plains of Stanford, where the banes of Hardrada festered and the hankering thirst for the victory of Godwinson and the Saxons thrived, we shall stand too, giving no quarter to our ill-boded foes and their pernicious attempts to bridle us into that equal stock of a farm animal, through consumption, miscegenation and the sterilisation of our sacred European minds and souls.

For long as we keep our minds brimming with the axioms of our true potential, history and identity, they, shall lose.

Never be ashamed of who you are, wear it like a badge of honour and use it as your greatest and most profitable tool, thus you will find that true standing for which you so yearn.

If it wasn’t for the beauty of our natural biological differences and true diversity we would all exist as no more than a matrix, of Non-Player Characters (NPCs).

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