Major Website Issues

The video content for the website will be down for another week or two. The company which was hosting my video content on their server had their Hard Disk Drives crash and fail. All of my content was lost. I am going to have to come up with another solution for storing my content. Bitchute is an option but I wanted something which would be a lot faster than bitchute. I have an account on as well. Since my Youtube will continually get banned again and again I can’t embed my videos using youtube because they will get deleted for “hatespeech”. Ultimately, I need a permanent solution to this problem. I was paying 15 euros a month for the server hosting my videos so something similar to that price range would be good.

Hopefully the content should be back up soon. Don’t worry I am going to come back with all my social media profiles again which have been banned (twitter, youtube, liveleak etc…). It will take time and hardship but I will never give up.

Stay tuned for more nationalist content.