Many will ask today, What is an Englishman? What does it truly mean to be British? Isn’t everything just a mix now anyway? Aren’t we all just one race, the human race? Cant, you just get past cultural and racial differences, don’t you yearn for the diverse range of restaurants and recipes the fruits of multiculturalism and diversity bring to the table?

The table being, in the morgue, a cold and dead metal slab.

The answer to the latter is, if only it were that simple, grey man. To quote the Youtuber Horatio Cary; “your vegetable biryani on a Friday night is not worth the rape of over 700 English girls”.

There is so much truly erroneous about the senseless and naive fairy tale of multiracialism and the multiculturalism that follows, but alas, most of you listening to this are more than likely well versed on this perditious matter of contention already, it is folly, lies straight from the serpents tongue, vacuous bullshit.

My intention here is not to black-pill any of you however it is undeniable that the reality of the world we live in is at times, to say the least, asphyxiating, crushing even. Moreover, the sheer reality that we never had a say in this state of affairs, and that there is a chance, we never will.

I apologise in advance for the use of foul language here, but these sentiments can make one rather sullen, irate even. This land, this sacred plot, and the identity that belongs to us and us alone is not the property for one generation of pitiful and poignant white cowards to flush down the shitter, like a fucking disposable piece of paper.

Now that we have that out of the way, what is the purpose of identity? Why is it so important? Well, you see my friends, identity is everything. Be it In regards to your genetic lineage, cultural heritage, and national identity, or your personal interests, passions and pursuits; history, art, music, a particular branch of philosophy etc. These are all part of the essential building blocks that make us up as individuals, forming part of a greater collective of capable, like-minded and animated people.

Why would the enemy want to attack our identity, and the notion of its importance? Because, in a world with no identity, there can be no true meaning, nothing to fight for and not to win or lose.

In such a void, inconsequential, nihilistic world, our enslavement is effortless and the deracinated grey man, reduced to a moral parallel of a debased livestock, cannot possibly object to serving his master, and accepting his disingenuous lies.

This particular falsehood, of course, is that identity is not paramount to who you are, that it is not an essential factor in the survival of any healthy people and the societies in which they manifest and thrive.

To use an adaptation of a quote from the book ‘A Squires Trial’ by Alexander Slavros, as part of the Iron March literature: “Just like mosquitos thrive in swamps, the enemy shall thrive in the swamp of our sins”.

This sentiment rings true to this day, for our predicament is, Ewiger Kampf (E-vigger Kampf). An eternal struggle.

Our enemy is not a mosquito, our enemy knows that all they need do to destroy us, is destroy our identity, to sever our roots and sit back as they cackle, sinisterly watching the leaves shrink and fall, the branches shall float to the ground and the wind will eventually strike and stumble our collective trunk into the lake, leaving us at the mercy of insects and time to digest us into a godless fetid pulp.

You, English oak, never forget your roots, for as long as they remain entwined into the soil, you shall stand, proud and tall against the winds of modernity and the tides of malevolence and perdition. For what is one serpent against a strong English oak, and even the fangs of many cannot pierce their venom into the roots, for the roots remain untouchable, as long as this English oak wills it so.

Our victory exists as a pendulum, swinging between the past and present, yearning for that healthy natural balance, the order ad chao, equilibrium if you will, between the old and new, both reactionary and radical.

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum, our father who art in heaven, gewurþe ðin willa, be done thy will, that we may never bereave the majesty of our past, revere those vital roots that remain, thus the future flowers shall blossom, and reject the wickedness of modernity and Cain.

All of this is why identity, is invaluable.


I would like to add a quick footnote, this video was incredibly hard to make, not because of the subject matter involved but the subject matter I had to force myself to remove. There are so many things I would love to talk about but, I simply cannot, alas, I must stick to using accessible metaphors and strong signalling. What I will say is that I urge all of you to read the aforementioned book ‘A Squires Trial’, a friend recently passed it on to me and it truly changed my perspective on things in relation to our cause, since I mentioned this book earlier, I feel it is my duty to do the same to you. Well until next time, Gōde wyrde Sīe þū hāl (SEE-eh thoo haal), good luck and goodbye.

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