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Heritage is the foundation on which the Avalonian Worldview is predicated upon. Heritage is everything which is passed down from generation to generation. There are five key types of heritage which I primarily acknowledge as the most important forms of heritage.

  1. Genetic Heritage
  2. Phenotypical Heritage
  3. Geographical Heritage
  4. Cultural Heritage
  5. Economic Heritage

There are different forms of heritage but they are all linked together in a chain which originates from genetic heritage, that DNA which is passed down to you from your parents. Cultural heritage is created by a people with shared genetic heritage, this genetic heritage directly influences what culture is produced. Not only does the genetics produce the cultural heritage but so does the land - e.g. the soil, the sea, the sky, the climate and all other elements which compose nature and its environments; this is called geographical heritage. The most material form of heritage is economic heritage, which is the economic future handed down through trade policy on the international level, fiscal policy and on the national level and through estate inheritance on the individual level. Economics is inextricably tied to geography because geography holds all of the resources in which economics seeks to use, distribute and consume. For this reason, economic heritage is linked to one's geographical heritage, which is a vital reason we must protect our vibrant, virile and bountiful lands in Europe.

The Avalonian Wordview states that Heritage must be protected by:


  • Preventing Miscegenation (Race-Mixing) and a replacement rate of fewer than 2.1 births per couple.
  • Promoting eugenic breeding practices amongst our people, e.g. the strong breed with the strong, the weak with the weak/or not at all.
  • Preventing congenital conditions using modern genetic technology, for example, using something like CRISPR for white Eugenics.


  • Preventing phenotypical degeneration by remaining in our ancestral homelands which gave us the distinctive and unique phenotypes we possess, e.g. Red Hair, Green Eyes; Blond Hair, Blue Eyes; brown hair; blue, green and brown eyes.


  • By securing our borders and reinstating a legitimate Government to follow through with this demand.
  • By innovating and creating a new agricultural tradition (whilst integrating elements of the old agricultural tradition) which provides healthy food to a growing native population.
  • By splitting living spaces into zones for different population densities as well as economic wealth and social standing (similar to the patricians and the plebs). Zones will have specific architectural guidelines and high building standards.


  • By encouraging patronage using the old aristocratic system in culture creation.
  • By reviving beauty and tearing down all trashy 20th-century architecture (e.g. brutalist and postmodern/poststructural architecture.
  • By preserving and reviving folk music, dance, food, drink and other festive customs.
  • By financially and socially incentivising the production, advancement, improvement and progression of art to higher forms and structures.
  • By refurbishing and renovating cultural heritage sites through state charities and funds.
  • By defining the zeitgeist, by dominating the epochal arena of artistry and culture.


  • By producing a budget surplus which will lead to a large state treasury which can be used to create public funds for things like culture, research, welfare and other such noble endeavours.


In summary, to create a complete view of heritage, I would say that it is not only our duty but also our birthright to claim our heritage and advance it, propagate it and perpetuate it. IF we are to have a cultural, economic, geographic heritage at all we must first secure our genetic heritage by making sure we pass it on to our children. This is our goal, this is our mission, this is our FUTURE!


Identity is the foundation of being. It is the gathered consciousness of a people unified. Identity manifests itself in Art, Music, Literature, Philosophy, Food, religion, and most importantly family. If any of these elements go against the core identity of a group, the group declines both physically (e.g. bad habits. It degenerates. It deracinates – tears the roots that lay beneath our being, embedded in our genetic code. Our genetic truth.

Identity is the truth that pervades all life and protects and nurtures us from the elements that would seek to do us harm. Identity elevates us and promotes all the most perfect and excellent qualities of human beings and human endeavour. Identity binds us in unity, each of us separate elements in a complex plan which seeks to see us ascend continually to newer and greater heights never seen before.

Identity is stored within us, to cast away identity is to confine oneself to utter doom and despair. When one casts away identity under the false illusion of happiness as the highest goal of life through consumerism and hedonism he leaves himself open to what one would call Mammonists (the quasi-centralised Jewish Community consisting of financiers, media moguls and both institutional and governmental leaders), one’s soul drifts into nihilism and hopelessness, that ultimately leads to apathy, decadence and fornication.

To destroy identity is to reduce man to his most basic existence, everything is then reduced to pleasure and pain exchanges, everything which gives pleasure is assigned the label good and everything which is painful is labelled bad. This is basic, this is simple, this is primitive and undeveloped. It is easy to see identity and tradition fading in the modern world, a world as grey and miserable as the (((people))) who created it.

Whoever you are, wherever you are. Never lose your identity, for it is the only thing which protects your very existence on this lush green earth. The earth which your forefathers crafted in ever perfect shades for you. The forefathers that sought to perfect their understanding of the world around them, the cosmos, and all the things within the bounds of discovery, in the hopes that this wisdom could be passed down through identity and tradition. That it would aid you and all that come after you. That it would bring you great comfort and pride. Always remember this when in doubt of your identity:

“Your identity exists within you regardless of your belief in it”

“Your identity naturally directs you to ascension”

“Your identity moves you to a better understanding of the natural world”

“There is nothing more you than your identity”

“Identity binds you to a group and to be ”

“To be without identity is to become deracinated and rootless, toothless and feckless”


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