This is a short excerpt from a Russian movie (I don’t know the name). I found it a couple of years ago on a YouTube channel called “Truth Serum”. It inspired me when I first saw it in 2017 and has continued to invoke emotions of sadness and remorse for what happened to the German people towards the end of the World War and then proceeding 70 years which has lead up to where we are today and what is being currently forced upon the Germans by the Jewish tyrants from America who continue to punish the German Volk. We need to take on the romantic essence of the Germans from 1933-1945 and apply it in a more meaningful and successful than the Germans in that time period. This requires a monumental, cosmic effort on our part to bring about the change which will secure our existence.

Although I don’t identify as a national socialism and see it as an infertile way to bring about the old systems of government and society before the Enlightenment. People may, when viewing the Germans from the liberal globalist lens , apply the label of monster to the national socialist regime – the reality is it was a misfortune and inglorious venture to something more noble, European/Aryan.

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